Simplicity® Flat Filters for M Series, Swim Series, A Series (2023-later), 4 pack


Simplicity™ Flat Filters for M Series spas, package of 4 filters.

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Simplicity® filters are specifically designed for M Series, Swim Series, and A Series (2023 – later) spas. Simplicity filters offer a revolutionary flat, plastic-free, filter design that, unlike inefficient cylindrical filters, uses 100% of available media for improved performance, efficiency, convenience, & cost savings. Clean or replace monthly. All-new genuine Simplicity filters are sturdy enough to clean by spraying with a garden hose. Or, if cleaning dirty filters is not your thing, don’t do it. When it’s time just swap it out for a new one and enjoy clean crystal clear water.

Package of 4 filters.

Fits all M Series models, all Swim Series models, and 2023 and later A Series models.


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